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Introduction, short.

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Mojito Mosquito (130.5 BPM)

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Best described as a progressive house track, but with . An EPIC breakdown,

About Tazmanian Ninja

A child of the 80s, and teen of the 90s, Tazmanian Ninja fell in love with house and dance music in 1989. He began making music (on Amiga 1200) in 1996 โ€“ and in 1999 joined a psy-trance studio collective in Copenhagen, door-to-door with the studios of Brother Brown, Jean Borelli, and the legendary Iboga label and their acts.

Released under various project names on vinyl and CD throughout the early 2000s.

After a decade-long break from music production, he began producing for other artists โ€“ most notably popular Danish party-rap star Marvelous Mosell.

And now, as Tazmanian Ninja, he’s unleashing a new wave of iconic, smashing dance music anthems.

These anthems all embody the Tazmanian DNA of solid grooves, catchy hooks, powerful drops, rich harmonic textures โ€“ and a distinct sonic signature, owing to his autistically deep, uncompromising approach to mixing and mastering.