Tazmanian Ninja Stars

Tazmanian Ninja Stars is the boutique record label of Tazmanian Ninja. It serves as a platform of his own releases, both under the name Tazmanian Ninja, as well as Uptimind – his experimental, down-tempo, sometimes even ambient, side-project.

In the future, the label may release music from other interesting acts, that may or may not sound similar to Tazmanian Ninja.

Artists/Projects released on Tazmanian Ninja Stars

Tazmanian Ninja

Iconic producer of smashing dance music anthems 🔥 Unifying denominators for all Tazmanian Ninja tracks are: Solid grooves, catchy hooks, powerful drops 💥 and a carefully crafted, highly unique, somewhat intense, sonic signature.

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Highly experimental and slow tempo, Uptimind serves to bring your pulse DOWN – opposed to UP, as in the case of Tazmanian Ninja. Both projects share the common goal of bringing a smile on your face though 🙂